Freedom of Speech much, peoples?

So I’m back in Burma for the summer after my freshman year of college. The cell-phones have a new feature. The only service provider (government-owned) has enabled internet access on the mobiles. Yay, FUN! A pay-per-minute decent-speed internet access – the whole world at the palm of your hands anytime, anywhere and all that shit! There is so much (relative) freedom around with the political reform going on. The internet is a freer space for browsing: YouTube is no longer banned; Google is working with “.com” because previously the “.com” was banned and it operated with all sorts of non-English languages; and I have been able to enter adult websites instantly; and so on and so forth.

Notice the downside of it all? Internet surveillance! Shit just got easier. The Big Brothers can find anytime out where you are, looking at what, posting what and commenting on what. BAM! I have good reasons to believe it’s going on:

  1. The internet connection dies whenever I start talking to my Facebook friends (mostly from the West) about the current socio-political situations in Burma and the history.
  2. I can never post anything on my blog without the server failing several times. (This is a rewritten post – because the last writing got done in the previous failed attempt at publishing. QED.)
  3. Even a world power like the United States chickens out at dissidence and social disobedience – maybe even more so than they do at terrorism. We’re a third world nation seeking stability, so why not?

Still, I wanna be able to post whatever the fuck I want on my own blog without inhibitions and talk about whatever the fuck I want with my dear friends without being cut off. Fine, I won’t talk politics with my friends – it’s not like I have the best of insights. But let me write my gay stories, to let out a voice of my own and for the sake of fellow members of the LGBT community. PLEASE!


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