Sex-ed for the Burmese, in a nutshell!

Yuuki's Globe

The one main thing Burmese high schools lack would be sex education since Burmese society refuses to acknowledge there is a thing such as pre-marital sex and older generations still stick to the idea of abstinence. I hope we can outreach to anyone who has reached puberty about sex education and sexual health if they decided to have sex (because admit it, there are more and more teenagers and early 20s young adults who are having pre-marital sex in Burma now).

First of all, we need to get past the whole stereotypes of anti-sex – for both girls and guys.
Guys should stop having high expectations of marrying a virgin or the whole sexist idea about virgin girls being pure. Let’s be honest. You enjoy sex, so why can’t we?

I’m not saying we should just start having random sex. It’s a huge step and if we decided it to…

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