Are you Gay-Friendly?

Since I came out, I have noticed that different people have different things to say about my sexuality. They “try” to be or to look supportive or accepting You’re not gay-friendly (LGBT-friendly) if:

  1. you don’t know what letters there are in “LGBT” or don’t know what each letter stands for;
  2. you’re ok with me being gay as long as I don’t have a crush on you – or one of your brothers/cousins or your male friends;
  3. you can’t feel flattered when I gay person falls for you or asks you out;
  4. you’re ok with me being gay but not with a family member of yours being gay;
  5. you’re ok with me being gay but are repulsed by cross-dressing and/or drag culture;
  6. you’re ok with me dating guys but not with me talking, behaving or dressing feminine/effeminate;
  7. you’re ok with me being gay but not with with me talking, behaving or dressing masculine;
  8. you expect me to dress and act flamboyantly at all times;
  9. you (are heterosexist/cissexist and) treat me like a woman because I’m gay;
  10. you’re ok with same-sex romance but not with anal sex;
  11. you’re ok with same-sex couples, but not with them getting married or having children or building a family;
  12. you’re straight and flirt with gays in hopes of being an easy top;
  13. you believe I should make out or have sex with a girl, because I haven’t tried it and I might like it better;
  14. you think I’m too perverted to be interested in straight sex;
  15. you (especially girls) want to make me your “gay best friend”;
  16. you think I’m gonna want you just because (you think) you’re hot or something;
  17. you feel insecure about having a gay/trans person for a roommate;
  18. you think I would definitely fall for your other gay friend;
  19. you use “That’s so gay!” to refer to things you don’t like;
  20. you’re gay yourself but use derogatory terms like “faggot” to address fellow gay people;
  21. you’re closeted when you have nothing to lose in coming out;
  22. you choose not to stand up for yourself or intervene as a bystander when there is a gay-related bullying/discrimination going on;
  23. you’re expressing your anti-gay sentiments on the grounds of religion or the gender binary;
  24. you think gay people are against religion or are attacking religion;
  25. you’re a Little Monster claiming to support the LGBT community but don’t really know anything about us;
  26. you admire/follow a bunch of pop gay icons but have no idea what intentions they have for the LGBT community;
  27. you enjoy Glee or any other TV show that involves same-sex couples as characters but you have no regard for the significance with which they are portrayed in the media;
  28. you believe HIV/AIDS spread mainly within the gay community;
  29. you think the LGBT community is asking for special rights;
  30. you think being queer is all about sex and we should keep our lives shut up in the bedroom; and
  31. you trivialize your queer sexuality because it’s just a small part of your life, to you.

Well, these are taken from my past encounters with people, gay and straight, with different takes on being queer. These things mentioned here, I believe are detrimental toward and misunderstanding of the LGBT community. Yet with these perspectives, some people so blatantly claim themselves to be “gay-friendly”. Bitch please … you closeted homophobe!

This list is not definitive. Feel free to add more things to the list. Thank you!


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