Nice one here – sharp, witty and informative! This is actually in response to “Ten Things Not to Say to a Trans Person” from also has another great post “Trans Etiquette for Non-Transpeople”. I couldn’t reblog either post from and you should check out both.

I have a lot to learn from these experienced and apparently more educated bloggers. They have good material and good ways of presentation. There have been a lot of overly/unnecessarily heated stuff on my blog. Enjoy!


May I make a short introduction to what is to follow here:

I have reblogged the following post from Matt Kailey’s blog TRANIFESTO, which I hope all of you are following, or have at least visited often. I hope that this blog post did not come across as mine, because that is not the case. I realise now that I should have made this more obvious and honoured the person to whom this blo post belongs. I apologise to Matt for the inappropriate re-blogging and hope that I won’t make that mistake again.

I would like to also now add his website (link):

I get a lot of information from Matt’s blog and visit it regularly and am a bit embarrassed that I have not quoted his post properly. I don’t want any credit for posting this, the reason why I am posting this is because I like his…

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