Music, Music & Music

Oh, this is not anything special. I just thought I’d add some things that I’d forgotten to mention yesterday.

Andrea Gibson, the queer feminist slam poet, read at the school’s big theatre last night. I had seen her before as one of the 4 main entertainers for the 2012 MBLGTACC (Midwestern BLGT Ally College Conference), the gayest thing around for the academic/college-university queer community in the Midwest. She’s just so moving and empowering! Everybody cried at some point, I guess. She closed the show with a poem the end of which reads:

…, if the only thing we have to gain in staying [alive] is each other, my god that is plenty, my god that is enough, my god that is so so much for the light to give each of us at each other’s back whispering over and over and over “live” “live” “live”

I don’t think this kind of quoting is helping. I wish I could find a recording on the internet for y’all. Ok, the poem is about how everybody feels despair and, if we live on, we have each other – which is a very good reason to live on. It hit me in the right spot. It was music to my ears and soul. So that’s what gave me strength to write last night.

MBLGTACC 2013 logo

Ok, if you go to school anywhere in the US, I strongly encourage that your school is present at this fabulous and educational conference. It’s a great opportunity to learn about and network with the queer community and its allies. Talk to your school GSA about this! I’ll see you there in February.

On the other hand, I’ve been discovering new music. Well, actually, it’s just new music by artists I’ve known and loved – with the exception of Lana Del Rey. OMG, Lana … I had deliberately not tried her music because I knew I’d love her and I’d have to spend money to get her music. I finally decided to listen to the “Born to Die” album on Spotify. I’d reached a point where I’m just so sad I needed the saddest possible music around. And Lana fits the bill, as everyone has been describing her. Yes, I did download her album and it’s been playing on repeat for more than a couple of weeks now. The friend who did my makeup for Homecoming discovered how depressed I’ve been and that I’m falling in love with Lana. She told me to snap out of it. All Lana sings about is sadness, pain, suffering, death and dreary stuff, and the music, in some way, was perpetuating my upset mood. She actually insisted I switch music, and since it was the day after Mika’s new album “The Origin of Love” came out, so I loved me some Mika. He is adorable. This new album lives up to the debut album “Life in Cartoon Motion”. I didn’t enjoy “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” that much.

Just during this past week, a friend got me Taylor Swift’s “Red” and Leona Lewis’s “Glassheart”. That was really nice of him. He’s actually subscribed to this blog by email. Anyways … OMG, our little Sparkle Princess is growing up! Her singing sounds so much better than in the previous 2 albums; the singing from the self-titled debut album wasn’t that bad. But her voice is less unique with pop arrangements and it’s not meant for country music. The musical style and musical context are also improving. Stylistically, it’s more of a pop album with more pop arrangements than her previous so-called country albums. As of subject matter, she’s exploring deeper and wider than those breakup stories. And, Leona, oh dear Leona … Her music just keeps getting worse. It’s such a waste of her incredible incredible voice. “Spirit” is still my favourite – although the organization of tracks/themes seem like a mess there. “Echo” seems more organized but Leona seems rather uncomfortable singing what were strictly her own songs. “Glassheart”, while it carries the Leona-ness that was started to form in “Echo”, it seems awfully dark and dreary. And the theme of abusive/destructive relationships is so repetitive, it’s painful even to listen. But the actual bad thing is: every song is arranged in the same way. Thank you, Ryan Tedder! I was fixated on Lana’s “Born to Die” song, and now Leona’s “Lovebird” is my new favourite. Both are of similar subjects – falling in love with someone and inevitably having to leave them – but the latter speaks to me better because of the emphasis on the need for freedom. And I can thoroughly relate the “Lovebird” story to all the memories I have of how I’d fallen in love with this school to what makes me want to leave. This Lovebird wants to fly away also. Well, excuse me for being so dramatic!

And I’ve been writing new music of my own also. I’m working on two things at the moment – one a desolate pop song and another a happy waltzy piano piece. I won’t be finishing them any time soon though. About the pop song, I actually wrote like half of it in a major key and switched it into the parallel minor on a W.H.I.M. So it sounds darker, creepier and sadder. The piano piece was started in the school chapel. My old roommate and I were hanging out and messing around on the upright piano in the chapel. Then we started writing our own pieces at the same time. He would write down the music while I played mine, and I would write down while he played his. It was weird but it was fun!

And the concert date for the school choir is approaching. We’re performing the Christmas selection from Handel’s Messiah. I don’t even know all the pitches to my part yet. I’m not confident with the melismas. And I don’t have a tux yet either. Yay!!!!!

P.S. I just discovered Wendy Ho through YouTube. Urgh, she’s too much – even for me – but I still kinda like her. Check her out and be shocked!


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