After my dreary-sounding (previous) post, here are some light-hearted cheery photos in celebration of Valentine’s Day.


Dear Gays,

With Valentines Day upon us, many of us have couple-hatred on the mind. However, there is one type of couple it’s impossible to hate. Vintage Gay couples. Not only is their style totally unique and exciting, the fact that they were forced to love each other in secret makes these photographs all the more titillating. Sure, there’s no proof that any of these guys are actually couples, but what is the point of looking back on history if you can’t mold it to fit your modern-day agenda? Thus, for the purpose of this post I will be assuming all these guys are Gay, and that they had great relationships and loved each other until they died, happy as clams.


Take these happy sailors for example. True love.


True love on the American Frontier. Haute.


And these guys. Doing a total WeHo Party Photo Booth pose. Sidekiss!


I don’t know…

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