Stop Being So Afraid Of Loving Someone

I’ve fallen for a boy recently. Well, I’ve had a crush on him since late February, to be completely honest. I’m not ready to share my story with my readers yet, but if I’ve been anything to/for him, I’ve been an honest admirer. I love him, so very dearly. We haven’t met in person at all. But from what I know so far, I love him … And I thirst to get to know him better, so much more.

Thought Catalog

If the only things you knew about love were what you learned in romantic comedies, you would think that everyone was just waiting around to be in a burgeoning long-term relationship that you never actually see depicted onscreen.

In the movies, everyone is in love or falling in love or about to be in love, as soon as they drop that box of randomly assorted goods that a sex-haired guy with a cleft chin and hot guy cheeks is magically there to help them pick up. Neither of them will be ready for love until 90 minutes later, when they are finally ready and they can have a PG-13 kiss, the kind that will make the old women in the audience feel something in their wiggly bits without offending them. This isn’t Skins now.

I grew up on these movies and I thought that when I grew up, everyone would…

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