Hey, y’all (queer folks, allies, haters and everyone in between), warm greetings from Han Zaw!

I’m a college student at a liberal arts school kind of in the middle of nowhere in the US. I’m originally from Burma/Myanmar – it’s a third world country in SE Asia (South of China, East of India and West of Thailand, to be exact).

I’ve been out as gay for a while, and the experience has been, um, interesting and bittersweet. Being gay, to me, is just another one of the many facets of my identity – just like being Asian. In exploring the “queer” aspect of my identity, I have had some fun times as well as awkward incidents. I hope to throw down those experiences and my take on the glittery part of my life on this blog. Also, the LGBT community in Burma has always been underrepresented/invisible and misrepresented and recently I have come to see the value of visibility. I alone cannot portray the community as a whole but I hope I can contribute a voice by being as out, proud as loud as possible.

I am a music and theatre double-major at school and I am interested in theatre for social change. I’m also into sociology and am a staunch feminist, and I am going to (try to) sound academic from time to time and my thoughts are going to deal a lot with gender issues and they are also going to involve artsy stuff. FYI, I want to be an opera composer.

Yes, I am a very dramatic and expressive person and I can be overbearing sometimes. But whatever I say, whatever I do, I’m honest about it, I mean it and it comes from my heart. As for commenting, you can voice your opinion as long as it is articulated in a civilized manner.

Live a dream in which you are the dreamer!” – says I.

Peace, love and understanding,
Han Zaw


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