Hi, folks!

Any kind of comments are welcome on my blog, and I have made a public announcement about it, so I encourage anyone to share their thoughts on the posts. But I’ve gotten deeply personal responses to my posts from some friends, and I can’t help but imagine others would have stories they would want to share – on a personal, but not anonymously in public. I want to be a confidant for others. If you trust the integrity with which I write for my blog, I believe you could approach me quite comfortably to open up to.

Also, I am always looking out to make new friends with people, so here is how you can reach me:

– E-mail ::

– Postal Mail ::

Han Zaw
Hanover College
517 Ball Drive, unit #1211
Hanover, IN 47243

– Facebook 

I seriously don’t mind adding some new friends on Facebook. Actually, I enjoy that social website a little too much. And, I very rarely tweet, but you are welcome to follow me @HZaw116. I’d love to receive letters and/or emails from anyone. You can write me comments, share stories and be penpals with me.

Yours sincerely,
Han Zaw


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